Why Quality Correctional Care

Quality Correctional Care prides itself of being a locally based business, with providers working where they live. We hire qualified staff and service providers local to each county or facility. They are invested in the community where they work, and it shows in their performance.

The QCC Promise:

  • All nursing and medical staff are certified/licensed
  • Every team member conducts themselves professionally
  • Protocols and procedures are always followed
  • Staff is readily available to address questions or concerns
  • All team members are proficient in English and communicate effectively

Quick Facts:

  • Quality Correctional Care has been in business since April 2011
  • QCC operates in departments located in 53 counties across the state, more than any other provider
  • QCC clients pay an average of $0.19 on the dollar on medical bills repriced by our experts
  • This means QCC clients saved a total of $3.8 million in 2015 alone

Summary of Services

Quality Correctional Care is pleased to offer a wide variety of services to county jails all over Indiana. While we specialize in providing high-quality and affordable medical care to county inmates, we differentiate ourselves from other providers by addressing the mental health and addiction counseling needs that many inmates face.

In addition, QCC provides legal compliance services and training to Sheriffs and correctional officers to ensure that county facilities are in compliance with changing laws and requirements. QCC also strives to ensure that police, Sheriff’s, and fire departments are hiring and promoting the most qualified and effective candidates. We offer tailored recruitment and promotion services to public safety departments designed to meet their specific needs.

Counties & Departments We Serve

Quality Correctional Care is currently providing services in the following Indiana counties: