QCC Experience

Quality Correctional Care was established to offer a unique product that provides support for those faced with the task of managing correctional care facilities as well as for the inmates housed within them. This product addresses both the medical and mental health needs of inmates while also working on one the major issues facing sheriffs, judges, prosecutors and public defenders–a very high rate of recidivism to our criminal justice system.

With over 30 years of correctional mental health experience, CEO, Frank Krause, H.S.P.P. (Health Services Provider in Psychology) brings a unique understanding of just how to address each of these needs.  His experience has taught him that the vast majority of all inmates suffer from some type of diagnosis regarding substance dependency and/or mental disease, disorder or defect.

Unique services offered by Quality CC:

A tandem or global approach to inmate healthcare services.  We use medical doctors with experience in correctional or emergency room health care services working with our psychological staff specialized in correctional care for inmates.

Our medical providers are licensed professionals in their fields of expertise and are members of our local communities.  By being local, we can respond to calls in the jail in a matter of minutes instead of hours.

Indiana tax dollars stay in Indiana – usually within your own community.

We work hard to foster great team relationships.  Our medical personnel serve on various teams, foundations and projects within our communities.  This fosters good working relationships with people such as outside medical providers, local clergy, university personnel and educators, etc.  These relationships offer us local resources to enhance in-house programs such as drug detoxification, church services and educational programs for inmates.

These same relationships will be readily available for in-service mandatory training sessions for correctional staff. Dr. Frank Krause is Certified by the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy to instruct on topics including suicide risk assessment; mental health and addiction issues.

Because we know other medical service providers in these communities personally, we believe we will be able to negotiate a greater savings for any necessary outside services.

We offer “Psychological debriefing” services for jail staff, court staff, jurors, etc. following particularly difficult events.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is prevalent in most communities.  Quality CC will offer training services for working with people suffering from PTSD.

Quality CC  has already helped others like you save valuable tax dollars while improving inmate health care services and working to reduce recidivism  in their communities.  If you would like to find out more about how we can do the same for you, click here.